Our Beginning…

E. B. N. Cochran No. 18 Royal and Select Masters Council

E. B. N. Cochran No. 18 Council
Royal and Select Masters

The following companions; Harald Weiland, Wilfred Young, David Hatt,
John Danson, John Hebb, Harold Selig and Cecil Dean met on October 29,
1993 to explore the feasibility of forming a Council on the South Shore
of Nova Scotia. Most Illustrious Companion Fred Byrne chaired the

After much discussion it was moved by Companion Selig, seconded by
Companion Young that we proceed. We decided our meetings would be on
the Second Monday of March, April, October and November.

It was suggested we name the Council “The E. B. N. Cochran Council”
after Ed Cochran, a well liked and respected person who everyone knew,
who was unfortunately deceased. Companion R. A. Paul Fleming said he
would approach the family to see how they felt about it. Happily, they

We had meetings on December 1st, 1993 in Liverpool, January 19th, 1994
in Bridgewater, when we now had 24 members and February 14th, 1994 when
it was decided to have an August meeting each year in Liverpool.

On March 24th we met here. Companion Otis Beck presented us with our
pedestals and gavels and Companion Young with our Gong. At our April
11th meeting we were given $200 and the T. I. M. collar by Adoniram
Council, our Bible by Austin Bentley Council and our Square and
Compasses in memory of Robert Zwicker plus a collar by Companion Earl

On May 9th, 1994 we were instituted.

At our August 8th meeting in Liverpool we received 15 petitions and
conferred the Royal Master Degree on 13 candidates. Grand Inspector
General Archibald Lush visited us on October 10th where we conferred the
Select Master Degree on 9 candidates.

On November 14th, 2 candidates received the Royal Master Degree, 3
candidates received the Select Master Degree on December 3rd and on
March 13th, 1995 the Royal Master Degree was conferred on 2 candidates.

At our April 10th, 1995 meeting we were honoured by an official visit by
Most Illustrious Companion Cecil Stetson. We conferred the Select
Master Degree on 5 candidates. We also thanked Most Illustrious
Companion Woodhams for our Bible markers.

On the 14th of August, in Liverpool, we were Consecrated and became No.
18. Most Illustrious Master Gerald A. Riley was present on that

A regular meeting was held on October 9th and our regular membership now
stands at 44.

I would like to thank Illustrious Companion John Hebb for filling in as
Captain of the Guard during the year for Companion David Hatt, who was
serving as Most Worshipful Grand Master. Thanks also to Illustrious
Companion Wilfred Young, who made our arches, aprons, the framing of our
Warrant, etc.

by Cecil S. Dean, T. I. M. 1994/1995