Knights Templar

Mount Zion No. 73
Officers over the years


Presiding Preceptor


1960 L.M. LeLacheur S.C. Gordon W.M. Black
1961 W.M. Black R.G. Hughes T.N. Bond
1962 S.C. Gordon T.N. Bond
1963 R.G. Hughes T.N. Bond R.E. Burrell
1964 T.N. Bond R.E. Burrell A. Laretei
1965 R.E. Burrell A. Laretei D.J. Seegmiller
1966 A. Laretei D.J. Seegmiller R.H. MacNeill
1967 D.J. Seegmiller R.H. MacNeill C.V. Henshaw
1968 R.H. MacNeill F.F. Ralph H.B. Cann
1969 H.B. Cann R.W. Forsythe W.J. Sullivan
1970 R.W. Forsythe W.J. Sullivan L.F. Gates
1971 R.W. Forsythe V.C. Henshaw L.F. Gates
1972 V.C. Henshaw L.F. Gates L.E. Dakin
1973 L.F. Gates L.E. Dakin J.W. Layton
1974 L.E. Dakin J.W. Layton J.A. Anderson
1975 J.W. Layton J.A. Andersen F.B. Byrne
1976 J.A. Andersen F.B. Byrne J.A. Smith
1977 F.B. Byrne J.S. Amos J.A. Smith
1978 J.S. Amos J.A. Smith K.R. Smith
1979 J.A. Smith K.R. Smith L.M. Staveley

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