In the beginning…

In the beginning…

Prince of Wales #29 A. F. & A. M.

Established March 14, 1861

In the beginning…

An exerpt from the “Liverpool Transcript” on March 7, 1861

It is in contemplation by a number of Masons, formerly members
of Zetland Lodge, to establish a Lodge, bearing the name of Prince of
. The Brethren believing that a second Lodge can be well
sustained in this town. The room which they intend to occupy is now
undergoing repairs preparatory to opening, as soon as dispensation is
granted by the Provincial Grand Master.

An exerpt from the “Liverpool Transcript” on April 25, 1861

Many of the brethren connected with Zetland Lodge thought it
would be for the benefit of Masonary sic to open a new Lodge in
this town. They accordingly met, after receiving permission from the
Provincial Grand Master, on Tuesday evening, the 9th inst., in Victoria
Hall, which has been suitably and handsomely fitted up for the occasion,
and enstalled sic the officers for the ensuing year, as

  • G. W. BOEHNER, Master
  • H. B. HALLETT, Senior Warden
  • JAMES COLLIE, Junior Warden
  • J. L. HEMMEON, Treasurer
  • S. J. M. ALLEN, Secretary
  • THOMAS REES, Senior Deacon
  • M. F. AGNEW, Junior Deacon
  • SAM’L FREEMAN, Inner Guard
  • H. C. HOLMES, Tyler

An exerpt from the “Liverpool Transcript” on June 27, 1863

MASONIC.-On Wednesday last, being St. John’s Day, a new Lodge
under the name of “Prince of Wales”, No. 1266, was constituted and
consecrated, and the officers, duly installed under a Warrant granted by
the Right Honorable the EARL OF ZETLAND, Grand Master of England.

The Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia were represented by H. W. Smith, as Grand
Master; J. N. S. Marshall, Senior Grand Warden; G. W. Barss, Junior
Grand Warden; Alexander Cowie, Grand Treasurer; J. W. Scott, Grand
Secretary, and A. J. Campbell, Deputy Grand Master, of “Zetland” Lodge,
No. 821, Liverpool. After the usual ceremonies had been duly performed
a short but eloquent oration was pronounced by the Acting Grand Master,
W. H. Smith, Esq.

A new banner for “Zetland” Lodge procured through the exertions of a
number of ladies of Liverpool, wives and daughters of Masons, has
arrived, and will shortly be presented to the Lodge with appropriate
ceremony. The banner is a very beautiful one and reflects great credit on
the designer and painter, Mr. John M. Taylor of Halifax.