History of the Chapter

History of Rossignol Chapter No. 6, Liverpool NS

Rossignol Chapter No. 6
Royal Arch Masons, R. N. S.


In 1841 Zetland Lodge was formed at Liverpool. Through some friction,
dissatisfied members broke away and in 1861 formed Prince of Wales
Lodge, which after the fire of 1865 moved to Milton. On account of
living so far from their lodge room, members of Prince of Wales who
resided in Northern Queens eventurally formed Mechanic’s Lodge at

Zetland first used as a lodge room the hall over Brother Samuel
Delissier’s restaurant. It was here that Rossignol Chapter No. 6 was
first assembled. The building stood on the northwest side of Market
Street, about where the railway now crosses. In 1873 the Masonc Temple
was opened and became the home of both Lodge and Chapter. After the
fire that destroyed the Temple in the eighties, the Masons met in a
building on Market Street used by Companion N. D. Hammett. From there
they moved to their present rooms on Main Street.

The History

The story of the inception of Rossignol Chapter has passed with
Companion Frederick O. L. Patch, the last of the Founders. The records,
however, are still intact, and must furnish the facts for Rossignol’s

On November 16, 1872, a petition to form a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons
at Liverpool, Nova Scotia, was draughted and forwarded to the R.E. Comp.
James Gossip, Grand Secretary of the Grand chapter of Nova Scotia. The
signatures to this petition were:

Nathan R. Freeman

St. Andrew’s No. 2
Eli F. Redman

St. Andrew’s No. 2
F. O. L. Patch

Royal Sussex R. E.
J. W. Andrews

St. Andrew’s No. 2
P. M. Morrison

George McLeod

John Campbell

St. Andrew’s No. 2
G. F. Smethers

Union No. 1
W. F. chase

St. Andrew’s No. 2
John W. Ruhland

Union No. 1
James Matin

Union No. 1
James Gossip

Union No. 1
(Taken from copy in Minute Book)


The petition was granted, and on January 3, 1873, the M.E. Comp. Stephen
R. Sircom, G. H. P. of the Grand Chapter of NS, issued a Dispensation
authorizing Comp. Frederick O. L. Patch to act as High Priest, Comp.
Nathan R. Freeman to act as King, and Comp. Eli F. Redman to act as Scribe, of a Chapter to be held at Liverpool, Queens County, NS, named and designated “Rossignol Chapter”.

The new Chapter at first held all convocations in Zetland Lodge Room and later in the Masonic Building at Liverpool.
Until the time of the fire which deprived them of their tabernacle, there is no knowledge of their assembling elsewhere.

“A special convocation called by Companion Frederick O. L. Patch was
held at Mason’s Hall, Liverpool, Queens Co., on Wednesday, the 8th day
of January, 1873. Present were:

M.E. Frederick O. L. Patch   

First High Priest
E. Nathan F. Freeman

First King
E. Eli F. Redman

First Scribe
R. E. James Gossip

Union No. 1
V. E. James Matin

Union No. 1
V. E. J. W. Ruhland

Union No. 1
Comp E. Davey

Union No. 1
V. E. W. F. Chase

St. Andrew’s No. 2
Comp J. W. Andrews

St. Andrew’s No. 2
R. E. F. W. Dakin

Hiram No. 3
V. E. W. W. Rickards

Hiram No. 3
Comp John M. Taylor

(Past H. P.) St. Andrew’s No. 2

M. E. Frederick O. L. Patch then read the dispensation, after which he
invited R. E. Frederick W. Dakin, High Priest of Hiram chapter No. 3 to
preside. The following Companions acted as officers pro tem:

R. E. Frederick W. Dakin

as High Priest
R. E. James Gossip

as King
V. E. James Matin

as Scribe
V. E. John W. Ruhland

as Captain of the Host
V. E. W. F. Chase

as Principal Sojourner
Comp E. F. Radman

as Royal Arch Captain
Comp E. Davey

as Master 3rd Veil
Comp N. R. Freeman

as Master 2nd Veil
V. E. W. W. Rickards

as Master 1st Veil
Comp F. O. L. Patch

as Secretary
Comp J. M. Taylor

as Janitor

A Chapter of Royal Arch Masons was then opened in due form.

Petitions from the following Brethren:

John W. Cobb

Robie S. Sterns

William Knaut
J. N. S. Marshall

George W. Barss

John M. Chase
Charles E. D. Snow

Richard B. McKay

J. Newton Freeman
James Loveless

Thomas Telfer

James B. Hunt
James Moore

Elkanah M. Freeman  

John H. Harlow
Samuel T. Kempton  



for Chapter degrees were presented.

Before the Chapter was closed the eighteen brethren received three
degrees, being exalted on the following day. Among the Companions then
present were Comps. John Tobias, H. J. Walter and Prince McLaren.

“Proposed by Comp. Patch, seconded by Comp. Redman, that a vote of
thanks be conveyed to Royal Union Chapter No. 1, R. N. S., for their
kindness in loaning their paraphernalia, which enabled the Rossignol
Chapter to be opened in form. Carried Unanimously.

The thanks of the Companions of Rossignol Chapter, having been tendered
to the Companions who had come from Halifax and elsewhere to assist in
opening the new Chapter, were feelingly acknowledged.”

Jan. 30, 1873. “The report of the Committee of Zetland Lodge in
reference to rent of room in the New Masonic Hall was read. On Motion
of Comp. Cobb, seconded by Comp. Barss, it was resolved unanimously that
the terms as mentioned in the report be accepted.”

Feb. 24, 1873. “The report of Committee on paraphernalia was read and
received. The recommendation of Committee to borrow $400 was agreed

Mar. 4, 1873. “Companion R. S. Sterns made a donation of $50 to the

May 4, 1875. “Furniture and paraphernalia insured for the sum of $600.”

Jan. 6, 1876. “Resolution carried that steps be taken to incorporate
the Chapter.”

May 3, 1876. “M. E. Comp. Williams, having been appointed to examine the
books, reports several errors in the way they are kept.”

Oct. 4, 1877. “Advise Zetland Lodge that unless the rent is reduced to
$25 for the year, the Chapter must abandon the hall.”

June 5, 1884. “That Comp. Parker make all the necessary working tools
and furniture of the Chapter.”

In the eighties, interest seemed to be on the wane. Zeal had appreciably
diminished. The minute book shows that attendance was poor. There were
times when the Chapter could not be opened. R. E. Comp. H. D. DeBlois,
G. H. P., visited the Chapter in October, 1885. He tried most manfully
to revive the Chapter and restore a circulation approaching normal. He
referred “in a special manner to the prosperity of some Chapters who
were in a much lower state than our own, and endeavoured to stimulate us
to more zeal and perseverance”.

By 1888, the Chapter seems to have reached the lowest ebb. At a special
convocation on January 19th of that year, M. E. H. P. G. A. Smith
“stated the meeting was called for the purpose of deciding whether we
should continue the chapter or not. After a few remarks comp. Sterns
moved that we continue a while longer, and being seconded by Comp. Ryan,
it passed unanimously”.

At a special convocation on May 15, 1889, it was “moved by Comp. N. R.
Freeman, seconded by Comp. J. R. Tupper, that a committee be appointed
to enquire into the financial condition and future prospects of
Rossignol Chapter, said committees to have full powers to discontinue
the Chapter if thought proper by them.
Moved as an amendment by Comp. N.V. G. Marshall, seconded by Comp. J. H.
Fraser, and carried, that a committee be appointed to enquire into the
condition of the Chapter and report at a special meeting to be held at
Masonic Hall on Wednesday, May 22, 1889.”

No convocation was held until April 24, 1890, when the matter seems to
have been forgotten.

From Jan. 4, 1894, to July 3, 1896, no convocations were held, evidence
of another strong ebb tide.

July 3, 1896. “The M. E. H. Priest stated that this Special Convocation
was called for the purpose of deciding whether to surrender the Charter
or try to resuscitate Rossignol Chapter.”

Dec. 14, 1898. Resolution carried “that this Chapter recommends the
opening of a Chapter in Lunenburg as applied for.”

The most important event in the history of Rossignol Chapter since its
founding is the formation of LaHave Chapter No. 17, at Bridgewater,
chartered June 9, 1908.

The minutes of Rossignol Chapter, under date of Oct. 11, 1907, state
that the emergent convocation “had been called for the purpose of
conferring degrees; also to consider a petition of several Companions
praying for a dispensation to open a new Chapter at Bridgewater. After
some discussion it was moved by Comp. J. W. Smith and seconded by Comp.
Scobey, that Rossignol Chapter, being fully satisfied that the
petitioners are Royal Arch Masons in good standing and being prepared to
vouch for their moral character and Masonic abilities, recommend that
the dispensation prayed for be granted to them.”

Dec. 3, 1915. “A suggestion was offered by Comp Irving that the Chapter
make a visit to LaHave Chapter, Bridgewater, and a general discussion

Moved by Comp. Irving, seconded by Comp. Mulhall, that Rossignol Chapter
make a visit to LaHave Chapter, at a time yet to be fixed; and that the
Secretary of this Chapter notify LaHave Chapter and also request them to
meet one hour earlier than usual to enable the visiting Companions to
return home the same evening.”