Acacia History to 1966

100th Anniversary
Compiled by M.M. Gardner, P.G.M.
August 15th, 1966


History of Acacia Lodge, No. 39, A.F. & A.M.

Today, August 15th, 1966, we meet on a very special occasion. It is the One Hundredth (100) Anniversary of Acacia Lodge, A.F. & A.M., No . 39, on the Registry of The Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia.

To prove the date of our birth, we find on the first page of the first Minute Book of the Lodge, the following inscription:

“Acacia Lodge”
Organized and Dispensation granted
August 15th, 1866
In addition, we have a copy of
the By-Laws which states:
“Under English Dispensation”
by Warrant of Dispensation
Granted the 15th day of August, A.D., 1866
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Alexander Keith, Provincial Grand Master
Nova Scotia

The Dispensation was granted to Andrew Gow to assemble a sufficient number of Freemasons at Bridgewater and open a Lodge to be named “Acacia Lodge”; wherein the said Wor. Bro. Andrew Gow presided as the first Master, with Bro. William Owen, as first Senior Warden and Bro. John W. Andrews as first Junior Warden.

The Lodge was opened with Thirteen Charter Members as follows:


Andrew Gow George A. Gates
William H. Owen John Batley
John W. Andrews John McMillian
J. K. Knight Abram Rhodenizer
James F. Fraser James A. McKean
Charles H. Chase James Batley
James Starratt


First Officers of Acacia Lodge
August 15th, 1866

Name Age Office Occupation
Andrew Gow 29 Master Merchant
J. W. Andrews 24 Jr. Warden Merchant
C. H. Chase 27 Sr. Deacon Merchant
James Starratt 33 Jr. Deacon Retired Gentleman
James Fraser 42 Treasurer Merchant
J. W. Knight 27 Secretary Teacher
John Batley   Chaplain Architect
G. W. O. Gates   Inner Guard Carpenter
John McMillian 36 Tyler Moulder
William H. Owen 24 Sr. Warden Lawyer

Having proved to our satisfaction, the date of our birth and given the names of the Family who faithfully declared their willingness to protect us in our infancy, let us take a look and view our growth to maturity.

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