The MINUTES of an organizational meeting of the RUPERT H. MACNEILL CONCLAVE, Red Cross of Constantine, held at the Lodge Rooms of the Masonic Temple, Middleton, Nova Scotia at 2PM, Saturday, April 16th, 1983 with the following Knight Companions present:
John Wightman, Paul Fleming, Gordon Burnham, Fred Hayter, Ronald Burrell, Fred Byrne, Howard Margeson, Burnley Cann, Tom Hankinson and Marshall Black who acted as Recorder.

REGRETS: were received from Knight Companions, Ronald Forsythe and R. Gordon Hughes

Upon Motion of William Sullivan, seconded by Tom Hankinson, the minutes of the meeting of April 2nd, 1983 were approved as distributed and read.

CORRESPONDENCE: Letter to the Grand Sovereign, respecting the new Conclave, and his response dated April 8th.

Knight Companion John Wightman indicated that he did not wish to join in the petition at this time, as he had some doubt as to its success. After some discussion, it was agreed that most Illustrious Knight Companion, Dr. R. A. Paul Fleming, GCC would be our Sovereign and Very Illustrious Knight Companion R. Gordon Hughes would be our Viceroy, and their names would be included in the Petition. After some discussion, the new petition was signed by the Knight Companions, as attached, and arrangements were made for the signatures of Knight Companions Parker and Hennigar. The petition would be dated April 23rd, 1983, because Knight Companions Burnham, Cann, Hankinson and Sullivan were scheduled to receive (and did receive) the Appendant Orders at Royal Edward Conclave on April 23rd, 1983 at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

FUTURE MEMBERS: Article 58, along with addenda to the Statutes, was fully discussed. It was noted that it might be desirable since members must be Royal Arch Masons and “subscribe to a belief in the Christian Religion as revealed in the New Testament” and also should show “high qualities of leadership” they might possibly illustrate this by being a Knight Templar and have been a ruler on some occasion over some Masonic Body.

MACNEILL TARTAN: The question of a special MacNeill Rosette be worn on the Sash was discussed, and the matter was left with Knight Companions Sullivan and Byrne for further study.

The Knight Companions unanimously agreed upon the following Dues and Fees Schedule:
Fees: $100.00 to include Collar, Sash and Jewel
Joining or Affiliation Fees: $35.00
Dues: $10.00 Annually

BANKING RESOLUTION: Until receipt of Dispensation, it was unanimously agreed that a Trust Account would be taken ou in the name of “Black and Burrell in Trust”.

A moment of silence was observed in memory of our Intendant General, Gordon Curtis Lord, who died recently, while attending Masonic Festivities associated with the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

At the close of the meeting, a Practice was held for the Appendant Orders, 3rd Point, which was the part of the Order, usually conferred by a group of Knight Companions, residing in the Valley area.

As recorded by Marshall Black

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