1926 to 2011 History

History of Prince of Wales Lodge #29 1926-2011

History of Prince of Wales Lodge #29

From 1926 until 1961, there were 24 Masters. Those who received 50 year jewels up to 1961 and presented by Grand Lodge were:

  • WBro. James Mills, 1898 63 years – jewel with bar
  • WBro. John A Forbes, 1905 56 years – jewel with bar
  • WBro. Elmer S Miles, 1905 56 years – jewel with bar
  • WBro. Ancil Brown, 1907 54 years – jewel
  • WBro. Cecil Brown, 1910 51 years – jewel

The lodge at this time had three Past District Deputy Grand Masters:

  • Wallace C Hartlen
  • William Wentzell
  • Lawrence E Loring

In 1964, street lights were installed in Milton and in 1965, the lodge had their first oil furnace.

Forty-five older members and their friends attended the over 70 party held in the hall, playing cards and local pictures were shown. This was so successful that these parties were held on a regular basis.

Minutes of November 9th, 1965, received a summons to attend an emergency communication of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia to be held in the Masonic Temple, New Ross on November 19th for the purpose of constituting and consecrating Norwood Lodge #135 and installing the Officers of the lodge.

In 1960, an act was passed at the recent session of the Nova Scotia Legislature, to be known as Chapter 118 of the acts of 1960, all Masonic Lodges in Nova Scotia have become incorporated bodies with the power to receive and hold real estate and personal property, mortgage, sell, lease or convey the same, and all other necessary powers and to make by-laws and regulations. the new act now governs and supercedes all such previous legislation and gives the lodge enlarged powers.

February 8th, 1966 – A motion passed to help furnish a room at the Queens General Hospital in Liverpool at a cost of $750.00 to be divided equally among Prince of Wales, Zetland and Rossignol Chapter, RAM.

October 1966 – We received a Centennial Jewel from Grand Lodge, which is attached to our Masters Collar. This is evidence that our Lodge held a warrant from the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia at the time of their centennial.

December 10th, 1968 – Permission was given to Arbutus Chapter #30, Order of the Eastern Star to install a piano in our recreation room.

February 10th, 1970 – A motion was passed “that any brother having received his 50 year jewel be honoured with a life membership”. That motion is still in effect but we are fortunate that some of our members continue to pay their annual dues.

A letter was received from Hillcrest Lodge #93 that they would be celebrating their 50th Anniversary on Wednesday, May 26, 1971 with a dinner and a dance.

January 11th, 1972 – WBro. Cecil Day donated the ashlars and they were dedicated at this meeting and RW Bro Wentzell was presented with a desk set in appreciation for his 33 years as Secretary.

September 9th, 1975 – Bro. Victor Kempton was presented with the Secretary’s Long Service Medal

In 1979 a jewel case with name plates was placed in the lodge room. The Annual District meeting was hosted in the Milton Community Center.

In 1980, dispensation was given to wear full regalia for Saint John’s Day parade.

In 1981 vinyl siding was installed on the building

In 1983 a new drilled well and septic system was installed on the lodge grounds.

In 1989 the District Meeting was hosted by the lodge and was held in the Milton Baptist Church hall with the Grand Master, MW Bro. Frank E Milne in attendance.

May 10th, 1990, a motion was passed to allow the portrait of RW Bro. Cecil Dean, Past Grand Patron of the Order of the Eastern Star in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to be hung in the lodge room.

January 14th, 1992 the lodge presented WBro. Otis Beck with his Past Masters Jewel.

December 8th, 1992 – A directive from Grand Lodge allowing the lodges to hold open installations and to wear full regalia in parades.

January 2005 – The Master, WBro William Cox was presented with the District Curling Trophy by RW Bro. Bob Turner, DDGM

May 10th, 2005 the lodge elected RW Bro. Bob Turner to be the next District Deputy Grand Master. The DDGM appointed VW Bro. William Cox as District Grand Chaplain and VW Bro. Gordon O’Hearn of Mechanics Lodge #78 as District Grand Director of Ceremonies.

September 13th, 2005 – A motion was passed that the lodge install a public address system. VW Bro. Maurice Whynot agreed to pay the total cost for this system.

November 8, 2005, the lodge hosted the District Meeting in the Milton Memorial Hall, Tupper St. Milton NS

January 10th, 2006 – A memorial service was held for the late RW Bro. Cecil Dean, PDDGM in the Milton Memorial Hall with an overflow of attendance. A motion was passed that the lodge nominate Bro. Cecil posthumously for the volunteer of the year award, hosted by Queens County Recreation.

June 21, 2006 – WBro Clair Roode was installed as Secretary of the lodge.

May 8th 2007 – Motion was passed to purchase a new safe for the lodge. ($200.00)

September 11th, 2007 – the lodge thanked Bro. George Giroux for donating his painting of the ‘dam on the Mersey river’ which raised $900 through ticket sales. The proceeds from the yard sale held at the lodge raised $2,614.00. RW Bro. Bernard Neilson was presented with his meritorious service award for outstanding service to the craft.

October 9th, 2007 – A lease agreement with Irving Oil was signed for land used as a parking lot. Motion to raise dues from $50 to $60 commencing January 1st, 2008 was passed. A fire decimated North Queens Elementary School and the District lodges rallied and raised $6,000 to help replace items lost in the fire. The lodge passed a motion to present the widow of WBro. Harold McKnight with a cheque for $600.00.

June 10th, 2008 – the lodge held a very successful awards night when five 50 year jewels and two meritorious service awards were presented. In attendance was the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, MW Bro. Roy E Lively along with RW Bro. Reo J Matthews, Grand Director of Ceremonies; RW Bro. Barry Imber, Junior Grand Warden. The Grand Master made the presentations.

June 2008 – A notice was placed in the local newspaper thanking all those who made donations in memory of WBro. William (Bud) Leaman, our treasurer for many years and who was raised to the Grand Lodge above on May 17th , 2008.

September 2008 – A motion was passed to donate a cheque in the amount of $250.00 in memory of WBro. William (Bud) Leaman to the new Greenfield Elementary School, as Bud was very involved in this project. The school was built and is owned by the Village of Greenfield, Queens County, NS. This was the wish of his widow, Fern.
Later on, we also presented two separate cheques for $1,000 each to this school through the Grand Lodge Shared Funding program. This was particularly rewarding for the five Brothers who reside in the Greenfield area.

February 10th, 2009 – A motion passed to purchase a new carpet for the hall at a cost of $2,255.00 as per the quote received.

October 2009 – Bro. Jason Kempton received his 70 year bar. He is the oldest living member of our lodge. He was raised on August 8th, 1939. He has been a member for 71 years.

November 10th, 2009 – The Grand Master MW Bro. Reno Favretto presented WBro. Larry Truelove with his 50 year jewel. He then dedicated our new Gauntlets in memory of WBro. William (Bud) Leaman, which were presented to our Master, WBro. Rick Westhaver and Wardens. These were purchased from the donations received for WBro Bud Leaman.

Recipients of Long Service Jewels and Bars



 1965   Bro. Elmber Miles  60 
 1966   VW Bro. Simon Hirtle  60 
 1969   RW Bro. J.Wm Wentzell  50 
 1971   Bro. John W Hatt  50 
 1972   Bro. Eugene Wentzell  50 
 1972   Bro.George Baine  60 
 1979   Bro.Keith Fralic  50 
 1981   Bro. Alex Ross  50 
 1982   Bro. George Baine  60 
 1987   WBro. Avery Freeman  60 
 1988   Bro. Peter Short  50 
 1990   Bro. Jason Kempton  50 
 1993   WBro. George Turner  50 
 2000   WBro. Harvey Kempton  50 
 2002   Bro. Hector Manthorne  50 
 2003   WBro. John Turner  60 
 2003   WBro. John Legge  55 
 2004   RW Bro. Cecil Dean  55 
 2005   Bro. Robert Legge  50 
 2008   WBro. Bud Leaman  50 
 2008   RW Bro. Robert MacDonald  50 
 2008   RW Bro. Bernard Neilson  50 
 2008   WBro. Lawrence Smith  50 
 2008   VW Bro. Donald Richards  50 
 2008   Bro. Jason Kempton  60 
 2008   WBro Harvey Kempton  55 
 2009   WBro. Larry Truelove  50 
 2009   Bro. Jason Kempton  70 
 2011   WBro. Robert Legge  55 
 2011   Bro. Harvey Kempton  60 

28 Living Past Masters as of May 14,2011



 1958   H. M. Kempton
 1960   R. D. F. Legge
 1962   R. A. MacDonald, PGS
 1965   B. C. Neilson, PDDGM
 1967   L. S. Smith
 1969   D. H. Hatt, PGS, PDGDC
1974, 1975   K. A. Wile
 1976   R. W. Hatt
 1977   C. M. Oderkirk, PDDGM
 1978   J. A. Gaskill
 1979   D. W. Hatt
 1980, 1990   D. M. Rhyno, PDDGM
 1983   J. J. Wamboldt, PDGDC
 1986   J. C. Minard
 1987, 1988, 1989  A. B. Laing
 1992   L. Truelove
 1995, 2000  D. A. Whynott
 1997, 1998  D. W. Hatt, Jr.
 1999   L. G. Thorbourne
 2001   N. D. White
 2002   P. Lloyd
2003, 2004 Darrell Hatt
 2005,2006  W. A. Cox, PDGC
 2007  R. Lloyd
 2008   G. Giroux
 2009, 2010  R. Westhaver
 Affiliated  C. R. Roode
 Affiliated  W. E. T. Wyatt

The meritorious service award jewel is the highest decoration that a member can receive. This award is presented for outstanding commitment to the craft, his church and his community. Those who have received this jewel since 2003 are:

  • W Bro Donald Richards
  • W Bro George Turner
  • W Bro David Hatt, Sr
  • W Bro William Leaman
  • RW Bro Bernard Neilson
  • RW Bro Robert MacDonald
  • VW Bro Douglas Hatt
  • RW Bro Donald Rhyno
  • VW Bro William Cox